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F50 Issue #6: Finding Your Purpose in Unretirement

F50 Issue #6: September 26, 2023 Retirement is for the Birds: Finding Purpose in Your Unretirement Eat a plant-based diet!” “Get gardening!” “Eat more soy!” “Enjoy the sunshine!” “Stay active!” This is some of the advice we hear in a new Netflix documentary series called Live to 100: Secrets of...
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about 17 hours ago • 5 min read
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F50 Issue #5: Thriving during a Recession

F50 Issue #5: September 12, 2023 Thriving During a Recession: Five Lessons from George Costanza The year is 1994. It’s Thursday night. You grab your favorite snack, sit down in a comfortable chair, and turn on the TV. The Seinfeld theme song plays, and the episode begins with an unemployed George...
15 days ago • 6 min read
man in blue and white plaid dress shirt using black laptop computer

F50 Issue #4: Long Live the Longevity Economy!

F50 Issue #4: August 29, 2023 The Longevity Economy: What it Means for You Have you seen the movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny? And were you surprised to see 81-year-old Harrison Ford starring in it? If you watch the trailer, you hear his character, Indiana Jones, say that he’s...
29 days ago • 5 min read
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F50 Issue #3: Design Your Life and Schedule

F50 Issue #3: August 15, 2023 Designing Your Life and Schedule Have you ever walked a dog and felt like the dog was walking you? It’s the feeling you get when you’re at the mercy of your goals. At first, life is good. You may start out with the perfect schedule, like the perfect canine companion....
about 1 month ago • 5 min read
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F50 Issue #2: How to Enjoy the Second Act of Your Career

F50 Issue #2: August 1, 2023 The Great Unretirement: How to Enjoy The Second Act of a Career Have you heard of a phenomenon called “the Great Unretirement”? It’s different from Tom Cruise, who seems like he’ll never retire. He’s still performing his own stunts and reprising his iconic roles. An...
about 2 months ago • 4 min read
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F50 Issue #1: Five Career Lessons from Top Gun Maverick!

F50 Issue #1: July 18, 2023 Helping Your Next Career Take Off: Five Lessons from Top Gun Maverick Imagine you’re sitting in a movie theater. The lights go down, the curtains part, and the opening scene begins with a pensive, meditative musical theme. Soon, the melody swells with optimism...
2 months ago • 5 min read
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